Velocity Petition

Send a Support Letter

  • Attention: Nathan Macbeth
    CC: Bruce McPherson, Renee Shepherd
    Re: Felton Meadow Project and Velocity Bike Park

    Dear Mr. Macbeth,
    Please accept this letter of support for the Felton Meadow and Velocity Bike Park plan proposed by Mount Hermon Association.

  • Add why the proposal is beneficial to the community and surrounding areas such as: improving physical activity in children and youth, providing a safe, active suitable venue for community members to gather and enjoy recreation, supporting healthier families by providing access, supporting responsible mountain biking through community advocacy, creation of an attractive community amenity.

    Example Below. Feel free to re-write or edit the example with your own reasons for supporting Velocity!

  • I would like to thank the Santa Cruz County Planning Commission for strongly considering approval of this project.